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The belligerent potato

Certain stories about the potato are quite savoury! In the 19th century, it became a matter of honour in a dispute between two hairdressers who never stopped quarreling and finally took up arms. The witnesses had secretly loaded the pistols with boded potatoes. The excuse they use was that only gentlemen fought duels with real bullets.

Gangster John Dillinger invented a use for the potato which completely bowled over his prison warders. He carved a pistol from a potato, dyed it with iodine, and escaped from prison armed with this gadget. Hands up, potato!

During the war fought between the Prussians and the Austrians in 1778‑79, the potato turned out to be a secret weapon. Along the battle lines in Bohernia, the contending armies ate up the whole potato harvest to starve each other and then called off the fighting. Thus, the potato officially enter the annals of history by lending its name to this conflict: the "Kartoffelkrieg" or potato war.